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11:00AM GMT/UTC 21st Nov 2020

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Does My Bum Look Bigger In This?

Is there anything more invitingly biteable than this juicy new edition from the Queen of Hackney Wick, Aida Wilde?

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Does my Bum Look Bigger in This?

Does my Bum Look Bigger in This?

by Aida

Edition of:25
Dimensions:50 × 50 cm
Medium: 7 Layer screenprint with a hand-pulled blend and custom mixed two colour glitter layers

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Printed directly (and with much care) onto 280gsm high shine metallic card, this super slick edition combines our two great loves – glitter and gold! A 7 layer serigraph with two additional layers of hand mixed glitter, this little peach is no accident, drawing on her twenty years of printing experience only a true pro like Aida can work with such tricky materials (we’re told printing onto shiny gold card is not the simplest of experiences!) and only her magical mind can bring such a fantastically inviting image to life like this.

This is one piece of fruit you wouldn’t be disappointed to find in your Christmas stocking!


Releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff Saturday 14th November at 11am

‘Does My Bum Look Bigger In This?’


Edition of 25

7 Layer Serigraph [Special feature, two colour/ layer of custom mixed glitter]

High Shine Gold Metallic Card 280gsm

50cm x 50cm