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11:00AM BST 7th Aug 2021

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The New Edition

It’s been a long time coming. Introducing Xenz’s stunning Summer edition, launching soon at Nelly Duff.

08/07/2021 10:00 AM Europe/London 08/07/2021 10:00 AM The New Edition - Xenz

We’ve waited long enough to bask in the glory of leading UK street artist Xenz’s limited editions! (A very strange thing keeps happening where you lot buy them all as soon as we release them…) So this Summer we’re back with this richly coloured vision in gold and royal blue.

Based on one of our favourite archive Xenz pieces, a beautiful six panel traditional Japanese screen painted by hand, this edition is a perfect showcase of Xenz’s attention to detail and love of texture. Stay tuned for more info coming very soon…


Pictured right: Xenz’s hand painted screen serves as a backdrop while Xenz hand finishes his 2020 edition ‘Birch Forest’

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