Saturday Release

11AM UTC 28th Sep 2019

Indian Summer – Hand Embellished 23 ct. Gold Leaf

by Xenz

Edition of:25
Dimensions:52 × 54 cm
Medium: 15 layer silk screen print hand finished with acrylic aerosal paint and hand applied 23. ct gold leaf


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Indian Summer

by Xenz

Edition of:75
Dimensions:52 × 54 cm
Medium: 15 colour silkscreen print


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‘Indian Summer’

52cm x 54cm

15 layer silk-screen print

Edition of 75


‘Indian Summer – Hand Embellished’

52cm x 54cm

15 layer silk-screen print with 23ct gold leaf and aerosol can acrylic finishing

Edition of 25


As we reach the end of our very own Indian summer and the nights begin to draw in, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new edition from Xenz that embodies all the unexpected warmth and pleasure of a delightfully mild September. Thanks to our school days, we can all agree that September will always feel like the beginning of a new year, so with the anticipation of a new season and a new start just around the corner, we couldn’t be prouder to enter into it with an edition of the highest possible quality.

Built up of 15 meticulously hand-pulled layers, this limited screen printed edition will be available in a main and hand-embellished edition (you know the deal by now) The main edition will be made up of 75 screen prints, while the hand-embellished will feature only 25 extra special (and completely stunning) editions.

Each and every edition of the 25 has been hand-gilded with 23ct gold leaf by the artist himself, as well as being adorned with additional spray-painted details, resulting in a series of one off, unique pieces that will hold pride of place in any Xenz admirer’s collection. 

Releasing exclusively at Nelly Duff on Saturday 28th September 2019 online and in store, 11am BST. Please enquire to [email protected]  for further info, and remember to keep an eye on our instagram (@nellyduff ) for sneak previews of this beautiful new edition.


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