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Xenz ‘Love Birds’

10th Feb 2018

UK Street art Legend Xenz is back following his first landmark edition with Nelly Duff, with screen printed edition ‘Love Birds’. Xenz made his name as a member of the vanguard of the UK street art scene with his unconventional painting techniques and subject matter. Having lost interest in the more commonplace styles of graffiti such as the more traditional hip-hop and wildstyle early on, he turned to landscapes and nature-focused subject matter, which he contrasted with the industrial canvases of city walls.

From city walls to cardboard, Xenz abilty to transcend scale for his paintings allows his smaller works to have as much, if not even more impact than his large scale street murals. ‘Lovebirds’ is evidential of this abilty, and results in an edition that combines delicately rendered and observed artistry with graffiti techniques.

This intricatley printed, multi-layer screenprint pushes boundaries in its ability to capture all the detail and spontenaity of Xenz’s original painting style.

‘Love Birds’ will be released at 11 am Saturday 10th February in-store and online.

Xenz ‘Love Birds’

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