Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw

Who is Robert Shaw?

Robert Shaw (not to be confused with Irish painter of the same name) is a graphic designer, a passionate architecture illustrator, and general-fan of modernist buildings in the UK.

Born in Huddersfield and raised in Manchester, his first exposure to post-war architecture came from the North and imposing buildings such as the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool and Manchester Town Hall.

Growing older, he started the migration down south, studying graphic design at the Lanchester Polytechnic in Coventry, before moving and working in London. In the ‘big smoke’ he encountered social housing such as the Balfron Tower (little sister to the Trellick Tower) and the Great Arthur House, which he has lovingly recreated in his prints.

Now based in Bath, Robert continues to pay his lovingly-rendered homages to the towering giants of city-living.

Robert Shaw's Artwork