Artist Feature

Framing at Nelly Duff


By  Alice
24th June 2023


We offer a bespoke framing service to create brilliant frames for artworks purchased at Nelly Duff as well as your non-nelly pieces. We offer free framing consultations with our lovely team, or you can buy your frame alongside your artwork on our website, available to be delivered right to your door!

From smooth resin coated wooden box frames to custom built neon perspex boxes, we offer a huge range of frame types and mounting options.






We are so excited to now be able to offer our online framing service to you!

Custom frames can be purchased directly through the website along with your artwork, where you can select from a range of frame and mount styles to ensure your artwork looks its best. Whether you are after a sleek brass frame, or a bold box frame to show off your piece, you are now able to purchase it directly from our website.

To choose your bespoke frame, you will find all options provided directly on the artwork page – simply follow the options to select your preferred colours, styles and mounts. From placing your order, it will take approximately 14 working days to build your frame and once complete you will be notified on dispatch.

Currently we are only offering delivery on custom framed works purchased via the website within the UK, although we will be looking to expand to international delivery in the future! More delivery information can be found on our shipping page, but all frames purchased online will be delivered with DHL’s overnight service.

For the safety of your frame, we are currently not offering our online framing service for XL artworks, as they are extremely fragile and require  a more specialist delivery service. If you would like to purchase an XL artwork with a frame, please contact the gallery directly on 020 7033 9683 or [email protected] and we can arrange that for you.

All frames purchase via our online service will be fitted with perspex rather than standard glass to protect them during delivery. However, if you are looking for an even more custom framing experience and want to explore all our available options such as bespoke perspex frames, more mouldings and mount colours, please contact the gallery directly on 020 7033 9683 or [email protected] and we can arrange a framing consultation.

Love, Nelly Duff x



We offer bespoke framing at the gallery, and can offer free framing consultations for both nelly artworks and your own non-nelly pieces! Just contact our lovely team at [email protected] to hear more about our bespoke service.



If you would like to frame your own (non-Nelly Duff) artworks with us, we’d be delighted! As our physical space is closed to the public, please contact our team at [email protected] with the below information and they will provide you with their recommended framing options and all the other details you’ll need to know. Happy framing!


Please provide:

Image of your artwork

Dimensions in cm

Any frame colour/type preferences

 Will you be dropping off the artwork to our gallery or posting it in?

Any additional notes



Aida’s ‘Scarlett Ibis 2.0’ framed in a hand-painted ash box frame, floating forwards with a 25mm border.

Chris Bourke’s ‘We are Made of Stars‘ framed in a black resin coated box frame, behind a black window mount.

Chris Bourke’s ‘We Are Mostly Made of Fire‘ framed in an ash box frame, floated forwards with a 40mm border, finished with a light stain.

Soozy Lipsey’s ‘Pop II – Standard‘ framed in a large gilt frame, floated forwards with a 25mm border.

Left: Torben Giehler’s ‘Machapuchare‘ framed in a deep white box frame, floated forwards. Right: Soozy Lipsey’s ‘Wild Bunch Series II – Standard‘ framed in a hand painted black beech box frame, floated forwards.

A series of Dave Buonaguidi’s original artworks framed in bespoke perspex, available in a variety of colours.

Dave Buonaguidi’s ‘I Fucking Love This Place’ vintage edition, framed in an ash box frame, hand finished with a walnut stain floated forwards with a 25mm border.