Artist Feature

Framing at Nelly Duff


By  Alice
30th April 2020


Although our gallery space is currently closed to visitors, we are still offering remote framing consultations and framing as normal. 

To arrange framing, give us a call on or drop us an email at [email protected], we can give all the advice and information we would do in person and arrange the perfect frame for your artwork. Once settled you can drop off your artwork at the gallery by appointment and we’ll take it from there – easy!

Our workshop is still currently open as usual with our lead time currently at 4-6 weeks, and we will be sure to keep you updated on any changes.


Framing, the essential part of buying art that nobody ever seems to mention! At Nelly Duff, we offer bespoke framing and consultation services to ensure your artwork is housed in the most beautiful, archival, and risk-free way possible. While the idea of taking your beloved works out into the world to try and find a trustworthy and reliable framer might seem daunting, fear not! We have a team of knowledgeable, friendly and ever so helpful Duffers and Duffettes to make framing your artwork as fuss-free as possible. Whether you are only looking for prices, or for ideas, we can help, even if your piece wasn’t bought at Nelly Duff – we don’t discriminate!

Our frames are one of a kind and made bespoke to order every time, so chances are, if you can think it, we can do it. From custom-made neon Perspex boxes, to beautifully hand finished wooden frames, we do the lot – just about! Every artwork and every home is different, so to ensure the best frame for your artwork, give us a call, or better yet come in store for a free framing consultation. Just bring your piece with you and our experienced art-handlers will take it from there. Even if you happen to be further afield than Shoreditch, we can take framing orders over the phone (we are good listeners – promise) and for our London based customers, we can courier your frame right to your door.


Top framing facts:

  • Our usual turnaround time for a new frame is 2-3 weeks (this has been extended to 4-6 during COVID-19)
  • We keep a large stock of pre-framed artworks at the gallery, so if you are in a rush or interested in buying your piece with a frame just give us a call or email and we can tell you what we have in stock.
  • We are now offering video-framing consultations! Just email us to book in an appointment and we’ll give you a buzz.
  • All our frames come with glass as standard and is included in the price.
  • Frames can be delivered throughout the UK and internationally, depending on the size of the frame we use varying delivery methods to ensure your frame is sent in the safest possible way possible which can vary the cost. Courier delivery inside London ranges from £25-65, and upwards of that the further away you are, for a quote don’t hesitate to contact us.


See you soon!

Love, Nelly Duff


Aida’s ‘Scarlett Ibis 2.0’ framed in a hand-painted ash box frame, floating forwards with a 25mm border.

Chris Bourke’s ‘We are Made of Stars‘ framed in a black resin coated box frame, behind a black window mount.

Chris Bourke’s ‘We Are Mostly Made of Fire‘ framed in an ash box frame, floated forwards with a 40mm border, finished with a light stain.

Soozy Lipsey’s ‘Pop II – Standard‘ framed in a large gilt frame, floated forwards with a 25mm border.

Left: Torben Giehler’s ‘Machapuchare‘ framed in a deep white box frame, floated forwards. Right: Soozy Lipsey’s ‘Wild Bunch Series II – Standard‘ framed in a hand painted black beech box frame, floated forwards.

A series of Dave Buonaguidi’s original artworks framed in bespoke perspex, available in a variety of colours.

Dave Buonaguidi’s ‘I Fucking Love This Place’ vintage edition, framed in an ash box frame, hand finished with a walnut stain floated forwards with a 25mm border.