Artwork Feature

Dave White’s ‘Grizzly Bear’ 2019


By  Alice
10th April 2019

One of the world’s largest and most recognisable bears, the Grizzly Bear, aside from balancing delicately on the fine line between ferocious and huggable, is the subject of leading UK contemporary urban artist Dave White’s latest series of artworks on show with Nelly Duff this spring at Urban Art Fair 2019. White’s signature dynamic and almost frenzied painting style is the perfect fit to capture the quiet grace and complex charisma of the Grizzly.

Setting aside carnivorous rumblings for a moment, this Grizzly will be gently watching over our stand at this year’s Urban Art Fair in Paris, at a substantial 110cm x 130cm, this incredible original oil painting exemplifies the majesty of one of Earth’s most well-known predators. Six-inch teeth safely tucked away, White’s depiction of the Grizzly bear focuses’ instead on the contented expression and calm but powerful head of the animal. Far from the sensationalised visions of bared teeth and clawing anger of provoked bears we see in films and popular media, we are met not with a ravenous predator, but a gentle giant revelling in what is most like a stomach full of salmon in anticipation of the winter ahead. This is typical of White’s many animal portraits, conveying not the legend of the predators he finds so fascinating, but the rarer moments of calm we aren’t usually privileged enough to see. To much success he has always focused on conveying these animal’s personas and not the apexes of their anger, which stems from a persistent and deep passion for not only the protection of these species, but for increasing awareness and promoting respect for the world’s most loved creatures.

Not only will we be exhibiting White’s original canvas, but we will also be releasing three printed editions of the Grizzly Bear this April. Limited XL, standard and super exclusive hand finished editions will all be released at Urban Art Fair this spring with Nelly Duff, capturing all the majesty of White’s original painting in varying sizes and finishes.


‘Grizzly Bear’ editions will be released online, in store and at our booth at Urban Art Fair 2019 from 11am Friday 12th April. If you are interested in viewing the original oil painting or to enquire about pricing, please drop us an email!



‘Grizzly Bear – Standard’                 ed. of 50 (64cm x 76cm)      £800

‘Grizzly Bear – XL ‘                      ed. of 30 (107cm x 122cm)    £1,400

‘Grizzly Bear – Hand Finished’            ed. of 10 (64cm x 76cm)      £1,300



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