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2016 Calenders of Light


By  Auberi
2nd February 2016

It’s that time of year for calendars and diaries – and we’ve got a very stylish alternative for you. The team at Accept and Proceed have produced a duo of works, ‘Hours of Light 2016’ and ‘Hours of Dark 2016’ that present a study of how many hours of light and dark we experience during a year through an effortless visual narrative.

Reducing light data down to its purest possible form, the total area of the white/black ring equates to total hours of light/dark in 2016. The area of the black/white hole in the centre equals total hours of dark/light. The ring is split into 366 segments, each representing a day. In the winter, the segments are smaller, conveying the decreasing length of daylight, while in the summer, larger segments convey the longer summer days.

2016 Calenders of Light's Process

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Hours of Dark 2016

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Hours of Light 2016

‘Hours of Light’ and ‘Hours of Dark’ are three colour silk screen prints that make up their 10th year in their ongoing calendars series. Nelly Duff joins them in their anniversary celebration, as we blow out the candles on our 10th birthday cake too!

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Hours of Dark 2016 -Special Ed