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By  Olivia
4th April 2019

Aardvark are a duo of ‘Print Mongers’ based in Hastings, who use letterpress technology from the last century to produce handmade prints that reflect their personal concerns and subvert conventional typographical rules and techniques while retaining a historical aesthetic. Whilst running daily letterpress courses in their studio in Hastings, the pair also participate in a range of community events, and have completed commissions for the V&A & Pedlars, as well as a series of local businesses. Aardvark’s highly accessible work is witty, intelligent and thought-provoking. As stated by the duo themselves, ‘We are a mutable practice open to collaboration, appropriation and maverick sidelines but our mission is always to devise and produce art-type goods of real cultural capital.’

Aardvark's Process

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Aardvark’s output and daily workshops champion the use of traditional letterpress; setting the type and printing each individual edition by hand to produce their original and indisputably authentic brand of artwork.

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