Artwork Feature

‘Abstract World’ – A new edition from Soozy Lipsey 2019


By  Alice
9th October 2020

The world’s a funny kind of place at the moment isn’t it?

While most of us are trying to break down borders, blur lines and remove boundaries put in place by outdated, archaic systems, there are some who would prefer to see those boundaries reinforced, old ways reintroduced, and in some cases walls literally built to exclude people. The arts has always been a place of comfort, refuge and change for those of us who value inclusivity and expression above all else, so it is with great pleasure we introduce London based artist Soozy Lipsey’s newest edition in 2019, ‘Abstract World’

‘Abstract World’ showcases not only Lipsey’s unique and textural painting style, but her unrivalled ability to communicate her own views on this crazy place we all live. The theme of re-appropriation and re-imagination has always permeated her long and illustrious career as an artist. Referring to herself as an ‘Antiques Stylist’, she has continuously taken found objects as well as traditional artistic tropes and transformed them into contemporary artworks that break away from timelines and ‘isms’ to occupy their own unique space. ‘Abstract World’, although refusing to be part of an ‘ism’ does actually occupy a space in a very specific timeline: ours. This abstract world is exactly that, abstract, and in that way represents our current state much better than any traditional globe. ‘Abstract World’ refuses to reduce our home to a series of clean lines and separate states, so wherever you are, it doesn’t matter, we all live in the same Abstract World. Rebel against enforced lines and clean cut colours the best way we know how – walls first.


‘Abstract World’ will be released as an exclusive main edition of 50 flatbed prints with screen printed varnishes and hand applied gold leaf, and will be priced at £195. (42 x 60cm)

‘Abstract World – Hand Finished’ will be a highly limited edition of only 10 XL prints (71 x 99cm) all uniquely hand finished by Lipsey with acrylic paints and gold leaf.

Releasing 11am GMT online and in store exclusively at Nelly Duff Saturday 23rd February.