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Accept & Proceed


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Accept & Proceed are an East London design team, who produce labour intensive artworks that illuminate the beauty hidden within raw data. Their works combine pinpoint accuracy with seemingly effortless elegance.

 The collective are currently in their 8th year of an annual series of artworks, depicting the hours of light and dark for the forthcoming year, entitled the ‘Light Calendar’ series. Each year the team challenge themselves to interpret annual light and dark as viewed from London, in a fresh and intriguing way. And they always succeed!

Each painstakingly considered piece pay homage to the wonders of physics, and evoke a sense of awe at the unseen forces that shape our everyday lives, far beyond human control yet stunningly harnessed by Accept & Proceed.

Accept & Proceed's Process

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Each artwork is screen-printed by hand using a series of specially designed inks such as retro-reflective, phosphorescent, and matt or gloss varnishes on a range of high quality papers.

Accept & Proceed endeavour to push the possibilities of the screen-print process with each edition, working closely with artisan printers and experimenting with multiple ink and finishing options before the final artwork is produced.


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" Our approach is to deliver the obsessively inventive time and again. To embrace the clinical removal of the unnecessary, and create work that is both complex in it's craft and artistry, yet clear in communication."
Accept & Proceed.