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By  Cassius
15th December 2014

Since embryonic state, Aida has been printing. She wishes to continue until the day she dies. This energy and enthusiasm for her craft is without doubt noticeable in the artist’s work, which has been featured in numerous high profile design publications.

As an academic she passes on her huge knowledge of screen-printing as a tutor at the University of the Arts, whilst as ‘screen-printess’ to the stars she works alongside some of the most prolific street artists of our time.

Aida's Process

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'Life: Still' screen prepartion

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Aida 'Life Still' screen print edition

Hailed by many as a screen-printing genius, Aida’s process is her art. She prides herself on her perfect printing technique and continually pushing the boundaries of this once traditionally considered art form.

Aida’s most recent experiments featured the use of the screen as a mono-printing tool to develop her ‘Life: Still’ edition.  To achieve this technique Aida painted directly onto the screen, enabling her to use as many colours needed to create the desired effect.

This is the sort of innovative use of technique and incredible depth of expertise that we can continually expect from Aida’s work. The artist’s skill is second to none when it comes to print making.

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Life Still - Red

" Queen of the Screen & collaborator of some of the most celebrated street artists in the world."
Nelly Duff