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Aida’s ‘Big Ass Ananas’

jessie alice

By  jessie alice
9th July 2016

In some cases bigger is better and, for that matter, so is more glitter, more pink, and more pineapple! ‘Big Ass Ananas’ is the latest artwork by the power printess, Aida. Intended as a bit of bling to brighten up dark days, ‘Ananas’ is a poignant reminder not to take life too seriously.


‘Big Ass Ananas’ is a five layer screenprint and an edition of 200 that is exclusive to Nelly Duff. The artist originally toyed with a smaller pineapple, and a positive reception prompted her to indulge us all with a bigger and better version.

Aida’s ‘Big Ass Ananas’'s Process

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'Big Ass Ananas' in production

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Feature of 'Big Ass Ananas'

The unique glitter finish to the print has been masterfully applied by the artist. So masterfully in fact that Aida won’t disclose her secret techniques; she’ll take it to the grave with her!

Once again, Aida has produced another example of her innovative use of technique and expertise. The artist’s skill is second to none when it comes to print making.

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Aida 'Big Ass Ananas'

" “Honey, I Blew Up the Pineapple” "
Aida, 2016