Artwork Feature

Andrew J Millar ‘Born Into Memory’ 2018


By  Alice
9th October 2020

Nelly Duff is excited to announce a brand-new exclusive edition from Andrew J Millar for 2018. ‘Born Into Memory’ is an exciting departure form Millar’s polaroid based work and with a new season ushers in a unique insight into Millar’s artistic process and new techniques. Depth, texture and colour are all elevated in this edition, thanks to intricate flatbed printing with screen-printed varnishes and hand-applied gold and silver leaf. Individually printed spot-varnishes allow picked out sections of Millar’s artwork to stand out, ultimately creating a texture-scape that allows the artwork to shine.

‘Born Into Memory’ is an edition of 30 signed and numbered prints, and will be released online and in store Saturday 6th October 11am GMT.