Artist Feature

Angelique Houtkamp


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Angelique Houtkamp is a Dutch tattoo artist and painter, whose artworks are greatly inspired by the graphic romance and seductive sirens of traditional tattoo designs and old-skool tattoo flash. Nelly Duff is Angelique’s London gallery of choice, and she is the only female tattoo artist on our roster.


Houtkamp’s work commonly features in a multitude of magazines, periodicals and books, as well as at her own Tattoo Shop ‘Salon Serpent’ in Amsterdam. The artist’s collection of alluring icons have built her a cult following, and her original artworks have featured in a number of international sell out shows, whilst her tattoo waiting list spans several years.

Angelique Houtkamp's Process

Houtkamp’s medium of choice is watercolour, following a long line of traditional tattoo artists working up until the present day. The artist choses to use the giclee to print her editioned artworks in order to capture the delicacy of the water colour process.