Artwork Feature

Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn ‘Banana Boy’ & ‘Red Temptress’


By  Alice
1st October 2018

Exhibited as part of Anne Lacheiner-Kuhn’s debut show at Nelly Duff, ‘NSFW’, ‘Banana Boy’ and ‘Red Temptress’ are the first printed editions Lacheiner-Kuhn has ever released. Both printed onto 100% cotton rag paper, with silkscreen spot varnishes to give glass and depth to these delightfully daring editions.


While Lacheiner-Kuhn works primarily in collage format, these two editions showcase the ability print has to elevate and enhance original artworks whilst still retaining their original flare and composition. ‘Banana Boy’ features not only multi layered spot varnishes to enhance and deepen the texture, but also diamond dust on the bananas (not a sentence we find ourselves writing that often) to add some incredible sparkle to this eye-popping edition. Subtler, but no less seductive, ‘Red Temptress’ retains all the edge of Lacheiner-Kuhn’s original, smaller collage but uplifts it to create a slick and artfully produced high end edition.


Both highly limited editions of only 20 prints, they are both exclusive to Nelly Duff, so don’t expect to find anything else like these anytime soon…