Authentication & Valuation


By  Olivia
1st November 2017

Whether for insurance purposes or simply for your own records, Nelly Duff offers an expert Authentication & Valuation service specialising in contemporary Urban and Graphic artworks.

Nelly Duff has an in-depth knowledge of the artists we work with and further a field.  We can provide an accurate current market analysis of your artwork, providing full paperwork certification for £100 (inc VAT).

If you would like to inquire about having your artwork assessed, please contact If you would like to proceed with the valuation, please email with the following:

– Artist’s name & title of artwork

– Place of purchase and any paperwork provided during purchase

– Images of artwork, including signature/ date if present.

Please note that although we can offer valuation on Banksy pieces, Pest Control are the only agency authorised to authenticate his works.

Ms. Nelly and the Team.