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The Birds of Nelly Duff


By  Alice
22nd June 2017

No not those kind of birds! This Summer our Columbia Road gallery in the heart of East London has been taken over by amazing aviary artwork. From flamingos to Macaws, we have the lot. Elegant, colourful and enigmatic, we defy you to find a reason not to be utterly charmed by our menagerie.

The Birds of Nelly Duff's Process

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Chris Bourke - Love Birds 4

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Dave White - Flamingo Movement

Aida’s ‘Fantazma’ has pride of place in our window, and is the most recent of her sell-out flamingo screenprinted editions. Dave White’s original ‘Parrot II’ canvas casts its beady eye over our top gallery;  it’s eye catching colours and heavily textural oil impasto crown it truly king of the birds, and is also available as a giclee print with silkscreens and varnishes. Be sure to come and see in to the gallery to see all the other beautiful birds perched on our walls this week!

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Aida - Fantazma