Artist Feature

Brian Mashburn


By  Auberi
25th November 2015

Brian Mashburn’s intricate oil paintings and prints reflect the mountains of North Carolina that he lives amongst and his time in smoggy Hong Kong. In his heavily allegorical scenes, he studies the interaction between the resilient animal and the ruined dominion of man. Displaying the fusion between America and China that have lent towards his foggy aesthetic.

Brian Mashburn's Process

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Detail of 'Give Me a Home'

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Detail of 'A Mild Spring in a Purgatory'

Armed with the tool of foresight Brian presents to us post-apocalyptic narratives, that question the identity of the human race and our relationship with the natural world. Painted in minute detail, and at an impressively small scale, his prints also capture both the technical skill and emotive power of his scenes.

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'Miasma' by Brian Mashburn