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Chris Bourke


By  Alice
5th April 2017

It is a very rare thing to find an artist who completes every single stage of the print process by hand. Chris Bourke is one of these rare gems, and as a result, every one of his prints is, in its own way, totally individual and irreplaceable. Having ran his own independent skate shop for eleven years, Chris has designed bespoke work for skateboard magazines, t-shirt and skateboard graphics, as well designs for Nokia, El Jimador Tequila, and an album cover for Frank Turner. Since 2005 however, he has focused his artistic energy on the labour intensive medium of lino prints.

Chris Bourke's Process

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Chris Bourke hand finishing an artwork

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Chris Bourke - The Letter

Influenced heavily by tattoo imagery, religious art, music, skateboarding and politics, Chris’s work is full of variety, yet his signature style is instantly recognisable. Working with handmade paper, and often hand-finishing painting, Chris’s works are often small but perfectly formed, and are just as impacting in the home as well as a gallery space. Often featuring comical and inspiring phrases, we are yet to come across anyone who isn’t instantly enamoured with his work.

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Chris Bourke - work in progres

" " It’s all about the process, if you are diligent through each step of the process the final result looks after itself.""