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The Colourful World of Camille Walala


By  Alice
16th August 2017

Hailing from a small village in Southern France, it took Walala 3 months to fall head over heels with the freedom, colour and excitement of London. She began her journey not speaking a word of english, and ended up doing a Printed Textiles degree, developing her own brand, and going on to produce work for clients such as XOYO, Nintendo, and Koppaberg.

The Colourful World of Camille Walala's Process

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Camille's interior design for XOYO

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Screen printing Camille's new edition

Walala finds her inspiration all over, from the everyday colours she encounters in London, to artists like Bridget Riley and the South African Ndbele tribe. This has translated into her own signature style: Tribal Pop, and we cant get enough of it. Walalas’s work, whether it covers an entire building, a cushion, or paper, brings joy and inspiration to all who are lucky enough to experience it, us at Nelly Duff most definitely included.

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Camille at home