Artist Feature

Crail Moansburg


By  Auberi
27th February 2015

Crail Moansburg works out of a screen printing studio within the Karl Marx Factory, an old curling iron factory in The Hague, alongside an ever-changing group of artists that inhabit the space.

‘The work shows the absolute randomness of the fetish we have with the capitalist information culture we live in, and yet also a loving glance and a grand admiration for times gone by.. Every story has its own truths and concealed in every ugliness lies beauty. This thought is best embodied using different signatures. Like the painted and stickered walls of metropoles, the canvasses develop layer over layer, vision over vision, signature over signature.’

Crail Moansburg's Process

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"Best Match"

‘To control the chaos in my head, it is important to give it a certain form. I use paint. These emotions in my head can be picked up and stored. My solution is putting the lot together, creating order. Lots of layers, posters, newspapers, a little wallpaint, images from the past, bringing characters to life. I paint women often women of the night, couples, relationships, marriages mortales, a little bit of chorus dancers risking their own lives…’

– Crail Moansburg (interview with Hype Hypocrite Design)

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"Dutch Boy"

" The process of painting can only begin when you clean the brushes blindly, and recognise them like an old friend when you dry them on your jeans."