Artist Feature
Dave the Chimp


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Dave the Chimp’s comical yet socially informed mode of Street Art, including his iconic ‘Human Bein’ motif, has graced walls since 1998.

Dave the Chimp works as an illustrator, directs pop videos, compiles books and curates exhibitions for a variety of clients. He has also exhibited in galleries and museums world wide alongside leading names in the urban art scene such as Banksy, Miss Van, Swoon and Shepard Fairey.


Dave the Chimp's Process

Dave the Chimp’s street work is often directly referred to in his hand made, screen printed editions. The artist’s ‘I Love You’ explicitly immortalises his original mural on Cremer Street, East London- just a stone’s throw from Nelly Duff. Here the very texture of the original artwork is recreated in Chimp’s hand pulled edition- with the grain of the plywood panel surface on which the street piece was painted, intricately echoed in the background detail of the print.