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Dynamo Works


By  Auberi
27th February 2015

Dynamo Works produce hand printed letterpress editions from the sandstone beauty of Edinburgh, often based on the noble pursuit of cycling.

Nelly is a keen cyclist and knows some of you are too, so we super stoked to introduce theses exciting Letterpress aficionados!


Dynamo Works's Process

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Dynamo Work's letterpress

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Dynamo Work's Colour Palette

Many of their designs begin by setting vintage wood type on Wharfedale, Columbian, Vandercook and Albion presses.

These letterpress editions are often printed using interesting blends of ink to enhance the work.

Dynamo often take their own advice, travelling across the UK to print in the remaining far flung, weird and wonderful letterpress studios to be found!


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"Knock Knees" in production

" When Spirits are low and the day appears dark, when work becomes monontonous and hope hardly seems worth having. Just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin. Down the road without thought on anything but the ride you are taking."
Arthur Conan Doyle