Will I receive a certificate of authenticity with my artwork?

Each time you purchase a limited edition Nelly Duff artwork, you will be issued with a unique certificate to authenticate and certify the artwork’s provenance.

Each Nelly Duff C.O.A should display the artist and artwork name, and be signed and dated by a member of the Nelly Duff team. If the artwork purchased is one of an edition, the piece’s unique edition number will be displayed. If the artwork is an original piece, it should be indicated as such.

Certificates of authenticity are very important to retain should you wish to re-sell the artwork in the future.

If the piece is shipped direct to you, your C.O.A will be packed with the artwork. If you do not receive a C.O.A. please do not hesitate to get in contact via hello@nellyduff.com

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