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Getting Married? Register at Nelly Duff today!


By  Alice
23rd April 2019

We love new crockery and sets of crystalware as much as the next person, but to celebrate finding (and keeping hold of) the love of your life, surely something a little more… exciting fits the bill?

If you register at Nelly Duff for your wedding, instead of trawling through boxes and endless amounts of wrapping paper to find the note of who to send a thank you letter for (another) set of placemats, all you are presented with is an amount of gifted store credit, which you can spend in absolutely any way you and your spouse see fit. You can spend it on both artwork and framing, and your beloved guests will feel thrilled that however big or small their contribution, they have contributed to your newly arted-up home.


So, here’s how it goes down.

1. You contact us at Nelly Duff ([email protected] or 02070339683) and share the happy news with us – congratulations!

2.We create a free bespoke page for your wedding on our website, where your guests can purchase as much or as little store credit as they like.

3. When all the drama has died down, honeymoon bags have been unpacked and the walls start to look a little bit empty, pop in-to the gallery or have a look at our site and let us know what you would like! You don’t have to spend it all at once, and you will see your total amount so you can plan your spending. Easy-peasy. We can even let you know a list of who and how much your guests contributed so you can send thank you notes (Only if you want of course, no judgement here.)

4. Sit back and wait for all your new and carefully chosen art to fill your new home, and start off your married life relaxed-as-hell and fully arted up. No muss, no fuss.


Get in contact with us today to arrange your wedding registry at Nelly Duff, we can’t wait!


‘Fischers Lovebirds on Peach’ by Xenz – View artwork here!