Artwork Feature
Gold Leaf Marilyn 2015


By  Auberi
14th March 2016

Following the success of his previous different colour-way ‘Marilyn’ prints, Nelly Duff is very excited to announce the arrival of Nick Smith’s ‘Marilyn Gold’. These new giclee prints are adorned with gold leaf swatches, and Nick’s trademark humorous and poignant word choices.

The iconic image of Marilyn Monroe has been revisited by Nick Smith in this gilt incarnation. ‘Gold Leaf Marilyn 2015’ is a giclee print with gold leaf and screen-printed gloss varnish, and is from an edition of 177.

Gold Leaf Marilyn 2015's Process

Nick has returned to his colour squares with a similar appetite for humour. Each square’s annotation refers to the colour it accompanies: ‘warmth’, ‘plunder’ and ‘almighty’ adorn some of the gold leaf squares.

The gilded adornment of this print is fitting for this festive season, and we think the eponymous lady herself would have approved!

Pop over to our East London Gallery to see more of Nick’s colour swatch observations; he has spruced up our windows with a festive-themed shimmer of gold squares!