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jessie alice

By  jessie alice
11th March 2016

Dutch mixed media collage artist, Handiedan, brings a seductive and intricate world of pin-ups, Victoriana, cosmology and quantum physics to her prints. With a background in photographic design, Handiedan has been producing artworks since 2007, and has garnered a notable reputation in commercial galleries in London, Paris and Rome and on the street art scene for her murals in New York, Berlin and Newcastle.

Handiedan's Process

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Handiedan's White Walls Mural @Unit 44, Newcastle

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Handiedan, 'Centauri', art print giclee

What might not be obvious on an initial viewing is the technical skill applied to each of Handiedan’s intricate hand-cut collages. Each of her artworks are composed by assembling anatomical parts from differing pre-existing images. Following a complex layering process, the end result is a complex, almost three-dimensional effect, producing a striking and intriguing female figure that bends in and out of its background.

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Detail of 'Centauri in Blue'