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By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Born in Hong Kong, from a young age learnt to draw from Japanese Manga and under took traditional Chinese watercolor painting lessons. At the age of 12 he was sent to study in England, where he dreamt of becoming the first Cantonese football player in the Premier League. His dream collapsed when he badly fractured his knee, but the end of his sporting hopes signalled the beginning of his artistic career.

Through his experiences, Hin learnt that ‘one must hold on to their inner child and to persevere, above all things, in order to overcome any painful or traumatic experience while at the same time never to deny any truth of the cruel reality in life.’ A harmony between the two is what he hopes to achieve in his artwork.

Hin's Process

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Hin's mixed media.

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The characterful faces of Hin’s ‘Contradiction’ pieces are screen-printed, based upon the artist’s skilful renderings using his right hand. They are then completed with quirky hand-finished detail using the other, often in traditionally child-like materials such as crayon and acrylic paint.

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" Trauma and joy is never far apart, and my attempt is to find harmony within."