Artwork Feature

Andrew J Millar


By  Alice
7th March 2017

Fast-paced up-and-comer, and Londoner, Andrew J Millar, took us (and the rest of the art world) by storm in 2016 with his hand-made, artisanal twist on photomanipulation.

In a time where we are ruled by nostalgia, the polaroid is king, and Andrew makes no exception to this by gilding his polaroids in gold leaf (Appropriate no?)

Andrew J Millar's Process

What sets Andrew apart in a world of digital manipulation and photo-editing, is his unapologetically labour intensive process: cutting, printing and gilding every piece by hand. Exclusively created through a detailed and hand wrought process, no two of Andrew’s pieces are exactly the same.

These wonderfully spectral images possess a haunting originality rarely found, and we are very proud to have been involved with the publishing of the 24ct fractured screenprint, and will continue to push boundaries with follow up work with this progressive artist.