Artist Feature

Ian Mcdonnell


By  Olivia
3rd April 2019

Ian McDonnell is a master of observation and detailed documentation, treating each of his artworks like an anthropological study. Yet while his work is immersed in contextual information and fact, it is always treated with a signature sympathetic humour.

Ian was born in London, after graduating from London College of Printing he went on to work in New York and Los Angeles, since 2005 he has been happily living and working in London.

Ian Mcdonnell's Process

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'Chicken and Egg' in the making

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Hot foiled detail on 'When We Had Pigs'

Mcdonnell engages in in-depth research prior to each project he undertakes, in order that he can fully, truly understand his subjects.

The artist’s sell out ‘When we had Cows’ and greatly popular ‘When we had Pigs’ and ‘Chicken & Egg’ editions each feature hot foil detailing to highlight prime details.

Mcdonnell is expert in constructing complex layers within each work, whether using screen-printing, litho-proofing press or hot foiling. The artist also displays an unparalleled understanding of paper, colour and texture.

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'When We Had Pigs- Hay'