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Ian McDonnell’s ‘Plenty More Fish’

jessie alice

By  jessie alice
7th March 2017

First there was the humble cow, the muddy trottered pig, the chicken or the egg, and then the black sheep. Now to complete the menagerie, Nelly Duff is proud to bring to the table the release of ‘Plenty More Fish’ by Ian McDonnell.

Continuing in the same vein as McDonnell’s previous works, ‘Plenty More Fish’ unites text, original and found illustrations to pay homage to our fishy friends in rivers and oceans around the globe. 

Ian McDonnell’s ‘Plenty More Fish’'s Process

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Ian McDonnell 'Chip Wrapper' Detail

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Ian McDonnell 'Deep Sea' Detail

McDonnell’s provocative husbandry observations have gathered a keen pack of collectors, many of whom have aimed to unite the gaggle of prints together.

‘Plenty More Fish’ comes in 4 different colour and foil combinations, each one reflecting the colour and nature of where we can still (for a while at least) find fish…

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