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Jessica Albarn


By  Alice
15th December 2014

For Jessica Albarn, inspiration continually stems from her love and sheer fascination for the intricacies of the animal ecosystem and the most delicate of living things. From the tiniest wasp, to the epic wingspan of an eagle, Albarn examines the very real vulnerability of her animal subjects amid the modern world. The artist primarily makes use of almost forensic detailing to highlight the incredibly important plight of the bee; if bees don’t pollinate, the food chain will breakdown spelling disaster for mankind! Albarn is also fascinated by the psychological dramas we project onto these taboo animals, their symbolism and the emotional tension held in their image.

Albarn has exhibited extensively and has two books published featuring her work- ‘Bee-headed’ and more recently a children’s book ‘The Boy in the Oak’ a dark fairy tale which she also wrote.

Jessica Albarn's Process

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'Queen and Worker' on Lithographic press

Jessica Albarn is known for her fine drawings & incredibly detailed limited prints. These make up some of Nelly Duff’s most complex editions, showcasing hidden embossing and minute foiled detail. Each of the artist’s editions are printed in stages by two Artisan printers. First the stock is hand-fed into a litho proofing press and inks applied with a spatula. Then a specially designed foil is applied and embossed with pin point accuracy into each artwork on a 120 year old press.


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'Queen and Worker'

" ‘Drawing dead bees that I find is my way of breathing new life back into their fragile, spent forms. Treasuring them.'"
Jessica Albarn.