Artwork Feature

Jessica Albarn’s ‘Dust to Dust – Endangered Butterfly Triptych’ 2019


By  Alice
3rd April 2019

Known for her incredible draughtsmanship and graphic, contemporary flare, Jessica Albarn’s delicate and highly intricate drawings and prints have put her at the forefront of the British Urban art scene. Based between London and Devon, her passion for nature and conservation of the UK’s wildlife has poured into her artwork, which exhibits her unique viewpoint of everything from bees to butterflies and even eagles. Delicate and beautiful her work may be, but naive and folksy it is not. Albarn sets herself apart from her contemporaries by combining graphic, geometric lines and shapes into her realistic sketches, creating a mesmerising new view of these creatures, they almost become blueprints for the patterns on a butterfly’s wings.

The three original artworks that make up her 2019 series ‘Dust to Dust – Endangered British Butterflies’ are based on three of the most scarce breeds around – the Large Blue, the Large Heath and the Marsh Fritillary. Small, rapid and furry in life, sublime, still and exalted in Albarn’s representation. Each framed in bespoke clear Perspex frames, each charcoal and graphite drawing complements the next, as in their natural habitat, balance is everything.

Exhibiting exclusively with Nelly Duff at Urban Art Fair 2019, to register your interest in any of these original works or for more information, please contact