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By  Olivia
5th December 2016

Individually they are Kozue and Dan. Together they are Kozyndan- a creative force to be reckoned with!  The pair work together in collaborative harmony, coupling Kozue’s intricate illustrative style with Dan’s graphic awareness, to create a body of iconic artworks.


Since the turn of the century the dynamic duo have exhibited a collection of fantastically surreal artworks and their distinctive, environmentally informed output has built them to solid collector base world wide.


Kozyndan's Process

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'Pussy With Sexy Pussy' by Kozyndan

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'Bunnies Fall' by Kozyndan

Kozyndan’s artworks often appropriate and re-interpret found imagery. Whether the vintage photographs used as reference for their ‘Spirit Animal Collective’ artwork & ‘Unknown Portrait’ series, or 1800’s Japanese wood block prints, the couple continually throw creative curveballs throughout their artistic process!

Indeed, Kozyndan’s ‘Uprisings’ has seen Hokusai’s much adored ‘The Great Wave’ artwork raised to iconic status once again, inserting bundles of soft white, gently tumbling bunnies in place of the relentless, furious sea froth of the original 1832 piece.