Artwork Feature
Lovebirds 3 – Chris Bourke


By  Auberi
1st July 2015

Chris Bourke’s work is characterised by the use of strong text-based messages, often referring to the artist’s political opinions, issues of public morality and universal truths.

Bourke formerly trained as a silversmith and less formerly as a tattoo artist whilst running his own skateboard shop ‘Spine’ for eleven years. He now works full time as an artist but remains greatly influenced by the motifs and symbology of tattoo culture, as well as ‘religious iconography, music, nature, the struggle and little birdies.’

Lovebirds 3 – Chris Bourke's Process

We are very pleased to have the new hand-finished ‘Lovebirds 3’ by Chris Bourke. A small edition of 12 on fine art paper, these works exhibit tremendous hand-finishing in gold foil and blue and red watercolour. The end result is striking and gives an opportunity to own something a little bit special by this much loved artist of Nelly Duff.

The Artist's Artwork