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Making Shapes With Our Abstract Prints


By  Alice
6th July 2017

Abstract: what’s the big deal right? Well, we think it is a big deal, and totally brilliant. Its about stripping it back down, exploring space, colour and line in an unlimited and aesthetically open environment. Provoking a visual reaction and creating something that explores the limits of a medium is what abstract, at least to us here at Nelly Duff, is all about, and our artists do it so well…

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Making Shapes With Our Abstract Prints's Process

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Torben Giehler 'Edit'

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Carl Cashman 'Mashed Potato Mountains'

Abstract art isn’t limited to museums or huge canvas’s that people have their photo taken in front of, it is a huge part of Nelly Duff’s and street art’s history. Remi Rough (one of our OGs) is a certified pioneer of the Abstract Graffiti movement. From train painting in the 80’s to lecturing at the Tate Modern, Remi has proved that his inherent understanding of line, colour and shape is eternal, and has a place in not only fine art, but street art, and particularly print.

Torben Giehler is another abstract trailblazer, and is currently at the forefront of the German contemporary art scene. His piece ‘Edit’ is one of our favourite prints, and has just as much of a place in the home as in a gallery. Let your choices be ruled by colour and shape, not whether or not something makes sense, and get a bit more abstract into your life.

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Remi Rough 'Descension'