Artist Feature

Mark Pawson


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Mark Pawson is a self-confessed image junkie and aficionado of low-tech hi-fi printing methods. This one-man production line creates a constant stream of glorious ephemera – most of which is hand made in his living room.


Pawson is praised for his distinct style as an artist. This crossover between illustration and hand made printing is what makes Mark Pawson such a unique artist.


Mark Pawson's Process

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Pawson's Gocco printer in his studio.

Mark Pawson’s printing methods can involve a very broad spectrum of techniques, from screen printing to collage. However one technique in particular is tied to his name, and thats the old skool classic- gocco printing.

Regardless of whichever method Pawson decides to produce his artworks one thing is for certain, you can expect it to be hand-made and personally detailed to the max.