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Mobstr – Red


By  Auberi
29th July 2015

Some of you may be aware of the recent national press documenting the ‘Painting’ love affair / battle between street artist Mobstr and the tower hamlets council graffiti removal team, battling over a humble brick shed…

This 10 month game of cat and mouse came about when the artist noticed that each time graffiti appeared on an electricity substation wall on Dace Road, council workers would paint over it with patches of red paint, rather than covering the entire wall.

This prompted Mobstr to tease out an amazing art experiment with the graffiti removal team. He took to painting the word ‘red’ on patches of the wall, what happens next was hilarious, with these small areas ‘buffed’ (painted over it in red). This humorous experiment entertained passers-by for 10 months until the wall was eventually painted entirely red.

The artist’s final message to the council remains: “Well, that’s one way to end it. Thanks mate, it’s been fun”.

We are very happy to announce this special Mobstr exclusive print documenting this unusual dialogue, showing ultimately how the artist was willing to engage with another painter (the council buffing team) in what turned out to be an on-going love affair. For those of us who didn’t live near to this unusual event, this limited edition signed artwork is a storyboard of what took place.

Perhaps we all might look at buffing in a different light from now on…

Video of Mobstr's Red View Artwork