Artist Feature
Mr Bingo


By  Cassius
15th December 2014

Mr Bingo’s artwork is characterized by the artist’s mischievous character and slick, fine-lined simplicity. The charismatic illustrator regularly makes appearances at events and he has succeeded in “drawing stuff” for the likes of The Mighty BooshQI, the Guardian, MTV and The New York Times. 

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Mr Bingo's Process

Primarily an illustrator, Mr Bingo’s artworks are most often based upon an initial drawing, which is refined to recreate the artist’s signature simplicity via screen print. A number of Bingo’s artworks have been Nelly Duff sell outs, for example the much sought after ‘Charlie does a Kick Flip- gold’ edition.

Bingo’s ‘Hate Mail’ project was first conceptualised for Mr Bingo’s appearance alongside Nelly’s ‘Zoo’ at Pick Me Up Art Fair  2012. During a workshop at the event, he drew a piece of hate mail perfectly presented on a vintage postcard for anyone who dared to ask for one! A selection of pieces was subsequently compiled and published by Penguin, to create the infamous ‘Hate Mail’ book.

" I like PostCards"