Artwork Feature



By  Alice
16th July 2018

While their artwork might show us whats going on inside their heads, that leaves us wondering, whats going on inside their studio? In this feature, Team Nelly gets an exclusive insight into the minds, studios and snacking habits of our brilliant artists. This week, our very own dream artist/scientist/all round polymath Florence Blanchard lets us know her top ten of all things weird and wonderful.


  1. Favourite place to work?

My attic studio. It’s got a panoramic view and gets lots of light and central heating!


  1. Favourite music to listen to while working?

I love working with the radio on, mostly BBC 6 music.


  1. Favourite contemporary artist on the scene today?

So many wonderful artists in this world how could I pick one?


  1. Favourite snack to power your artistic process?

I have two very nice artisan bakeries near my house, so when I’m hungry I always nip out for a quick walk and a fancy pastry.


  1. Favourite ever album cover?

Tricks of the Shade by The Goats designed by Vinnie Angel – definitely an early influence in my work.


  1. Favourite exhibition of 2017 (big or small!)

The Hockney retrospective at Pompidou in Paris. His latest paintings are just as amazing and original as his 70’s work. What an inspiration!


  1. Favourite animal? 

Love them all!


  1. Favourite medium to work with?

Paint in all forms.


  1. Favourite tipple of choice after a days work?



  1. Favourite edition you have released/sold with Nelly Duff