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Nelly’s Top Ten – Ramon Maiden


By  Alice
7th February 2018

While their artwork might show us whats going on inside their heads, that leaves us wondering, whats going on inside their studio? In this feature, Team Nelly gets an exclusive insight into the minds, studios and snacking habits of our brilliant artists. This week, self-proclaimed wanderlust king and dandy delinquent Ramon Maiden lets us know his top ten of all things weird and wonderful.

So let’s get started!

1. Favourite place to work?

I link to work when I travel. I have a special travel work kit to work wherever I want. Small cafés, parks, campings, trains or on a bench on the street. Wherever I find inspiration

2. Favourite music to listen to while working?

Heavy metal, progressive rock or classical music are my favourites: Iron Maiden, Böira or Chopin for example.

3. Favourite contemporary artist on the scene today?

Miki Edge, BR1 monsters, Marcos Cabrera, Dr Octane, Brusco works, Kilianboy or Miss Van are some of my faves.

4. Favourite snack to power your artistic process?

Avocado <3

5. Favourite ever album cover?

Piece of mind of Iron Maiden.

6. Favourite exhibition of 2017 (Big or small)

The Maori portraits by Gottfried Lindauer’s at The Young Museum in San Francisco.

7. Favourite animal?

My dog Lula!

8. Favourite medium to work with?

The cheapest ballpoint I can find…

9. Favourite tipple after a days work?

Spanish wine.

10. Favourite edition you have released/sold with Nelly Duff?

Oh, the Snake Charmer is definitely my favourite!