Artwork Feature

Nelly’s Top Ten – T-KID


By  Alice
13th June 2018

While their artwork might show us whats going on inside their heads, that leaves us wondering, whats going on inside their studio? In this feature, Team Nelly gets an exclusive insight into the minds, studios and snacking habits of our brilliant artists. This week, New York street art royalty T-KID lets us know his top ten of all things weird and wonderful.


  1. Favourite place to work?

Well that’s a toss-up between my house in upstate NY or my studio in Paris… Ahhh there’s no place like home!


  1. Favourite music to listen to. 

Type O negative


  1. Favourite contemporary artist on the scene today?

Jonone is dope. A New Yorker who got lost in Paris!


  1. Favourite snack to power your artistic process?

Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.


  1. Favourite ever album cover?

Parliament-funkadelic. Aqua boogie.


  1. Favourite exhibition of 2017 (big or small!)

Playboys bunny hunt in Las Vegas! ?


  1. Favourite animal?

The mouse in my house. In spite of all my efforts to kill the little bastard he always gets away!


  1. Favourite medium to work with?

Spray paint on steel!


  1. Favourite tipple of choice after a days work?

What the hell is tipple?!

Ummm apple juice?

Making love to my wife?


  1. Closest shave with the authorities when painting?

I have had quite a few… I was busted 3 times in NYC for painting subway cars.

I even got busted in Paris once for painting a legal spot!