Artwork Feature

New Exclusive Release! DAIN ‘Radio Head’ & ‘La Bonita Felony’ 2018


By  Alice
1st October 2018

King of the paste-up and New York legend, DAIN is one of the most influential and active street artists on an international scale working today. Following the course most street artists take, DAIN began by tagging at an early age, cultivated no doubt by his upbringing in the arguable capital of street art worldwide, New York. Then moving on to wheat-pasting several years later, DAIN’s signature colourful mash ups of pop culture icons and daring aerosol work started to turn heads. Still currently working, now days a new DAIN paste up is cause for riot in the streets, with hoards of devoted followers tracking his activity around the city via social media and competition to be the first to photograph a new paste-up is fierce.

‘Radio Head’ and ‘La Bonita Felony’ are not only DAIN’s only print releases this year, but are exclusive to Nelly Duff. With every single edition hand-finished by the artist, every artwork is unique and individually painted by DAIN himself. These show stopping editions are an essential addition to any street art enthusiasts collection, and are a perfect insight into one of New York’s finest artist’s creative process.