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New North Press


By  Olivia
15th December 2014

Situated just a few minutes from the gallery, no one showcases the beauty of traditionally crafted Letterpress better than New North Press- Richard Ardagh, Graham Bignell & Beatrice Bless.

The components and techniques of print making at their Coronet Street studio have remained virtually unchanged for centuries; and it is this traditional craftsmanship, coupled with the poetry and rhyme of our beloved East End which combine to produce truly magical and timeless artworks.


New North Press's Process

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Printing of 'Oranges & Lemons' edition.

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Richard setting type - © Joss McKinley

The New North Press’ ‘Oranges & Lemons’ artwork is a combination of two hand made techniques. First the bell motif was screen printed, then the letter press typography was laid out and printed using traditional wood and metal type on a Victorian Albion press.


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'Lost Dunwich'

" At New North Press, so we are very proud to keep this beautiful process alive — although for us Letterpress isn't merely an age-old craft, but a practice we are excited to advance"
The New North Press.