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New York Editions: Dave White ‘Aluminium Apex 2018’


By  Alice
28th March 2018

Dun Dun.

Dun Dun.

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun!!!


Introducing one of our most exciting and iconic releases in all of our 12 years, we will be releasing an exclusive, highly limited edition, brand new Apex edition in New York this May as part of Nelly Duff’s exhibit at Moniker Art Fair 2018.

For anyone who is familiar with Dave White’s work (let’s face it who isn’t?), the Apex is an iconic and repeating trope in his portfolio, that has been met with unbridled enthusiasm from collectors and art lovers alike with every release. White has spent a large proportion of his artistic career exploring the highly demanding and mysterious world of the most infamous and adored predator in the animal kingdom to much avail. With every edition release, White’s mastery and obsession with the Great White become clearer, every brushstroke seems to be imbued with more purpose and every colour seems to illustrate even more character than before.

Now in 2018 White’s exploration of the greatest predator in the world has reached fever pitch, pushing White to create his most astounding Apex to date, ‘Apex Aluminium 2018’. This highly limited edition of only 30 pieces features the ocean’s biggest and baddest printed directly onto custom-made sheets of aluminium. Made bespoke to order, this is truly a landmark edition and sets itself apart not only in its medium or limited size but through its significance as a culmination of one of Britains best artist’s career-long obsession and a noted breakthrough in White’s print portfolio. Not only will we be releasing this exclusive edition in New York, but we will also be exhibiting the original oil-on-canvas painting for the first time ever. Do you really need any more convincing to hop on a plane?

Stay tuned for more information on this unprecedented new edition in the coming weeks.


Nelly Duff will be exhibiting in New York at Moniker Art Fair 2018 from May 3-6.