Artwork Feature

New York Editions: Mr Bingo ‘Dirty Queens’


By  Alice
12th October 2020

This May, Nelly Duff will be exporting two of the UK’s most infamous institutions: the monarchy and London artist Mr Bingo. One is famous for ruling the UK from a golden throne and is one of the most recognised faces in the world, and the other is our lovely Queen Liz, and we are so excited about the combination of the two hitting the US! Famed for his irreverent humour, nothing is safe from Bingo’s razor-sharp pencil, having dabbled in consensual hate mail, naked advent calenders and everything in between, we thought what better for Bingo to turn his hand to than our fair ruler?

We had a little chat with Mr Bingo about his upcoming series of original drawings, his studio habits and about the Queen’s obsession with After Eights.

‘Dirty Queens’ will be released exclusively in New York during our exhibit at Moniker Art Fair on May 3rd 2018.


  1. How do you feel about your Dirty Queens crossing the pond for Moniker this May?

 I’m very pleased about it, I think it’ll be nice for her to travel overseas and bring a bit of Royal sauciness to New York.


  1. What would you say was the inspiration behind this series of drawings?

Nothing I can think of, it’s just something I felt like doing, so I did it.


  1. Have you done many art fairs before?

I do something called Art Car Boot Fair every year which is really fun.


  1. Do you listen to the national anthem while drawing her Majesty?

No. I watch documentaries about crime, cults, riots and prison.


  1. Obviously, these were all drawn directly from life, what is the Queen like? Did she offer you tea and biscuits or a G&T?

She offered me a cup of gin and tonic and some After Eights. She’s obsessed with After Eights.


  1. Are you satisfied that you are giving our American counterparts an accurate view of our monarch?

Yes. I believe I’ve captured her true spirit.