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jessie alice

By  jessie alice
1st April 2016

Mobstr’s work often involves a playful interaction with the city that he works in. A recent work was prompted by a disused billboard frame. The normally loquacious artist chose symbols over words this time, as his simple game of Noughts and Crosses added a humorous dynamism to the streetscape of London.

Watch the video to see how it developed.

See below for further information on Mobstr’s latest prints at Nelly Duff.

A disused billboard frame meets Mobstr View Artwork

News from Mobstr's Process

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Mobstr 'Cliche Sellout - Red'

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Mobstr 'Cliche Sellout - Turquoise' Detail

‘Cliche Sellout’ is the latest print from the artist. Following the success of ‘It’s Rude to Stare’, Mobstr has produced a print that resonates with the timeless message on the power of art over destructive weapons.

These east London, hand-pulled 4 colour screenprints also manipulate the strong visual iconography of pop art to best communicate Mobstr’s message. And in his usual tongue-in-cheek manner, ‘Cliché Sellout’ poses an observation on the identity of the artist.

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Mobstr 'Cliche Sellout'