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Nick Smith – The Girl with the Pink Earring


By  Auberi
4th April 2019

Glasgow born artist, Nick Smith produces striking versions of iconic artworks, with the clever use of the humble colour swatch.  Smith breathes new life into each image; highlighting the vast complexities and subtleties of tone in each historic piece, whilst making a stark commentary on the unforgiving culture of modern digitalisation. He brings classic paintings into the 21st Century and makes them relevant today in his stylised pop art practice.

Nick Smith – The Girl with the Pink Earring's Process

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Van Gogh - Reduced Chips Original Artwork

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Son of Man - Silkscreen Print

The Girl with the Pink Earring is a Nelly Duff exclusive silkscreen/giclee edition of 100 from Nick Smith. This artwork is a great example of Smith’s skill to re-create these masterpieces using colour theory, there were not enough colour swatches physically produced, so Nick has needed to go on to produce his own coloured chips to depict the millions of colours now possible and naming them with respect to the specific subject depicted. Smith in this image has added his own touch to the famous image by replacing the pearl earring with a pink earring. The result is an instantly iconic and striking take on the original painting by Johannes Vermeer.

Nelly is excited to be working with this experimental artist who enjoys pushing boundaries in the expressive reduction of mark making. Nelly looks forward to seeing how he evolves his hot chips!

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The Girl with the Pink Earring