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Nick Smith’s ‘Three Graces 2016’

jessie alice

By  jessie alice
29th October 2016

King of the colour chip, Nick Smith, has paid homage to the nude masterpiece by Rubens, ‘Three Graces’, in full filthy-mouthed splendour.

Rubens’ 17th century wobbly-bottomed original celebrates classical virtues: charm, beauty, nature incarnated in three bare-bottomed ladies. It’s a firm favourite of the great masters: there’s versions by Raphael, Botticelli and now Smith!

Nick Smith’s ‘Three Graces 2016’'s Process

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Nick Smith Signing 'Three Graces'

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Nick Smith 'Three Graces 2016' Detail

Now it’s been re-incarnated in the 21st century by Smith, along with some potty-mouthed descriptions. Each chip’s description relates to some sort of sexual activity, and it’s not for the faint hearted!

‘Three Graces’ is an exclusive print with Nelly Duff. This improper piece is highly anticipated, and sale is commencing at a pre-order stage.

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'Three Graces 2016'